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Happy New Year! This site has been quiet for a little bit, but never fear: 2003 promises scads of new releases from under the Planetarium Music banner as well as other known and unknown artist titles. Let me know if you would like to be informed of any new developments.
The third Planetarium Music CD is now complete. Stay tuned for release information!
Reviews for my Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music album have started to come in. Follow the Recordings link for a list of links to accolades and critiques.
The new Planetarium Music CD, Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music (Planet 2) is now available. Go to Strange Attractors to get your copy.
Artwork for the new Planetarium Music CD is complete; it was done by Rachel Kalman, and looks great. Thanks Rachel!
I have just completed two short pieces for a 7 inch that will be released by Zeal Records. It was a bigger challenge than I expected to complete two pieces under 6'30"; in length...
Played two shows in the Bay Area with Yume Bitsu, sans our drummer Jason. Since we hadn't practiced it was pretty much improvised... at points it got almost Tangerine Dream-like, at other points it got so weird that I still don't know what to think about it. Thanks to everyone who came to the shows; it was fun!