Planetarium Music


Welcome to the Planetarium Music website, featuring news and information about Planetarium Music, the electronic collage/music project piloted by Alex Bundy.


Finally releasing the third Planetarium Music album, ten years after I recorded it. Enjoy!
Santa Barbara
New Album! Inspired by the city of Santa Barbara.
Lloyd Center
When I lived in Portland, Or. I recorded a bunch of stuff in the Lloyd Center indoor shopping mall, then played around with those recordings on my computer. Not your typical Planetarium Music fare, but people occasionally ask me about it, so here it is.
New video, new track!
Planetarium Music Volume 1
Finally making available the first Planetarium Music album. 10th Anniversary edition! Pay what you want, including nothing!
New track, Qualified. Trying out Bandcamp for downloads. I like the player; I don't like that it uses flash. In any case, enjoy!