Planetarium Music


Here is a partial Planetarium Music / Alex Bundy discography. Some recordings are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. Music released under this license gives you the right to distribute it or modify it as you please, provided you give me credit and are not using it for comercial purposes. If you'd like to use it for commercial purposes, let me know and we can try to work something out. Also, I'd love to hear about anything anyone does with my music.
Planetarium Music: P3
Recorded 2001-2003. Released 2013...
Planetarium Music: Santa Barbara
Recorded in, and inspired by, the city of Santa Barbara!
Planetarium Music: Qualified
Planetarium Music: Ellwood Bluffs
These two pieces were recorded Spring of 2007 while I lived near the Ellwood Bluffs in Goleta, California.
Planetarium Music: Cosmic Link
An online 7" release. Composed early 2002.
Planetarium Music: Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music (Planet 2)
The sequel (perhaps second in a series?...) to Planetarium Music, recorded December 2000 - July 2001 and released by the Strange Attractors Audio House label May 2002. More explorations of this music genre, with a few visits to areas not explored in its predecessor Planetarium Music.
Alex Bundy: Synth Guitar Guitar
A CD EP of Ambient / Drone / Electro-Acoustic music. I can't remember when it was composed; probably 2001-2. All the pieces were created using csound.
Alex Bundy: LC
Album of Electro-Acoustic music made from recordings made at the Lloyd Center indoor shopping mall in Portland, Oregon. Processed field recordings. Created November 1999 - September 2000.
Planetarium Music: Planetarium Music
The first Planetarium Music album. Recorded 1999-2000, originally released in Y2K. 10th Anniversary re-release! For those who are curious, only two synthesizers were used to make this album: the Yamaha EX5, and the Casio CZ-101.