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Ellwood Bluffs
I just put up a "double A-side single" entitled Ellwood Bluffs on the recordings page. Both tracks were recorded in the spring of 2007. Download them for free, and let me know if you like them! And stay tuned for more releases soon.
Synth Guitar Guitar
I've decided to release some of my backlog on this website. The first to be released is SGG, which is one of my favorite albums. It is available on the recordings page. If you like it, let me know!
While I'm still recording stuff occasionally, and have a fairly large backlog of finished and almost finished material, I don't really have time to package and release it since I am busy with graduate school in Santa Barbara. Apologies to my handful of faithful fans. Please keep in touch. Any new developments will be posted here. I do still plan on somehow getting the album Franz and I put together out to the general public.
Franz Prichard and I played a show last week at The Smell. Thanks to everyone who showed up; it was a great show! As a duo we tentatively call ourselves "FnA," and we have nearly completed an album together. Stay tuned for release information.
A piece that Franz Prichard and I put together, with vocals by Bobby Birdman, is now available on States Rights Records. Get it here.
I have moved to Los Angeles, which only partially explains why this site has been silent for nearly half a year.
I have decided to do an internet release of a couple recordings I made over a year ago for a 7" that never materialized. Go to the recordings page to download them. Enjoy!